Enjoy the lifestyle of an entrepreneur and build your own successful Sarpino’s Pizzeria business with hands-on support from us! Sarpino’s Canada is offering this unique opportunity to those who would like to achieve more for themselves, their families, and their communities. Discover what our strong franchise system can offer and benefit from hands-on training, support, and unique product offering which has been enjoyed worldwide in over 155 locations.
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About Us

Sarpino’s Pizzeria is a delivery and take-out franchise system specializing in premium pizza.

Sarpino’s is a global franchise system with locations in North America (USA and Canada), Europe (Turkey), Middle East (United Arab Emirates), and Asia Pacific (Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Pakistan, India). There are currently 7 Sarpino’s Pizzeria locations in British Columbia, Canada with 11 more locations under development.

Sarpino’s was established in 2001 in Victoria, BC, Canada by a visionary entrepreneur Gerry Koutougos with a simple mission – to serve great-tasting premium pizza to value conscious Canadians. This vision lives on in all our Sarpino’s Pizzeria locations worldwide where our quality and operational standards are implemented and delivered to our ever-growing customer base.

Sarpino’s Difference

We have a global track record of implementing our franchise system and operational processes that have been developed for running the mid-volume pizzeria business. Our system has been time-tested, market-proven, and it is easy to follow. Our unique product offering combines fresh superior ingredients that keep our customers coming back. We don’t leave anything to chance – we support our franchisees in every step of the way so they can keep delivering great-tasting food to our customers.

Our focus is development and growth of a mid-volume delivery and take-out pizzeria format with a small footprint. We leverage the latest technology to produce high-quality pizza, pasta, wings, wraps, sandwiches, and salads. Sarpino’s Canada is offering a solution to the inefficiencies and challenges associated with traditional pizzeria outlets by optimizing existing operational functions. We enable our franchisees to maximize their investment and to deliver our premium pizza product to the market.


Sarpino’s Pizzeria investment per location currently varies between $99,000 and $149,000 plus applicable taxes. This includes initial franchise fee, leasehold improvements (construction), equipment purchase and hands-on training. Primary monthly fees are a fixed royalty fee and a fixed regional marketing fee. You should also allocate funds for ongoing local marketing.

Why Pizza Franchise?

Consumers are increasingly insisting on the freshest, healthiest ingredients, a trend driven largely by younger segments of consumers, who also demand the highest technology available to facilitate ease of ordering and delivery. But, despite evolving approaches and consumer demands, the state of the pizza industry is strong. According to a Technomic study, 83% of consumers eat pizza at least once per month. According to PMQ’s 2019 Industry Census, 60.47% of respondents reported an increase in sales over the previous year. Internationally, pizzerias are thriving, with a five-year forecasted growth rate of 10.7%.

A franchise business is not for everyone, but there are very compelling reasons why it just might be the opportunity for you. People who run successful Sarpino’s Pizzeria franchises have the opportunity to reach their personal goals in four important aspects: Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity.

Pizza consumers are growing more educated about the individual components of pizza. While consumers still rate overall taste as the most important factor when ordering pizza, 44% of consumers rated “fresh, high-quality ingredients” and “best crust” as deciding factors—up from 40% in 2016, according to a Technomic study. The same study reported that 49% of consumers indicate they would like pizza establishments to offer “more authentic” pizzas. This is precisely why Sarpino’s Pizzeria franchisees continue to succeed.

General Timeline

For the application and approval process

  • Week 01 Submission of Application Form
  • Week 02 Interview
  • Week 03 Discovery Day
  • Week 04 Submit Business Plan
  • Week 08 Franchise Approval
  • Week 09 In-Store Training
  • Week 10 In-Store Training
  • Week 11 In-Store Training

General Steps

For opening a new Sarpino’s Pizzeria location

  • Step 01 Find a Location
  • Step 02 Submit Site Application Form
  • Step 03 Site Visit and Approval
  • Step 04 Negotiate and Sign a Lease Agreement
  • Step 05 Submit Plans to Design and Construction
  • Step 06 Plans Approved by Sarpino's Canada
  • Step 07 Order Equipment and Supplies
  • Step 08 Commence Construction
  • Step 09 Critical Path Review with Construction Team
  • Step 10 Hire + Train Kitchen and Delivery Staff for Opening
  • Step 11 Grand Opening

Current Minimum Requirements

For opening a new Sarpino’s Pizzeria location (in 2020)


Learn more about our franchising opportunity.

​Current minimum initial investment is from $99,000 to $150,000. It includes initial franchise fee, leasehold improvements (construction), equipment purchase and hands-on training. Detailed estimate of initial investment can be found in Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

​The Franchise Disclosure Document explains all the points of the franchise relationship. It provides valuable information about our company and the Sarpino’s Pizzeria opportunity.

​In order to ensure consistent quality and service, Sarpino’s Canada franchisees are required to buy their supplies or inventory from approved suppliers and the items they purchase must meet our specifications. We are always looking for new suppliers of high-quality items to use in our business. Any incentives that Sarpino’s Canada may receive from the suppliers are passed directly to the franchisees.

​We recommend that prospective franchisees assess this issue by talking to as many existing franchisees as possible during our franchise-awarding process. This way you will receive accurate information and insight rather than just vague averages. Important: Please note that Sarpino’s Canada does not make any income guarantees and does not provide any estimates to your earning potential.

​We’re growing fast and want to be sure all our franchisees have room to grow and succeed. As a franchisee your site selections for your Sarpino’s Pizzeria is subject to review and written approval of Sarpino’s Canada. To meet our franchise design and standards your leased or purchased space must be constructed and equipped in compliance with our specifications.

​Once the franchisee’s preferred location is approved by Sarpino’s Canada and the franchisee signs a lease for the space, the franchisee must apply for construction permits. This permit process and the time it takes vary geographically. In most cases a new Sarpino’s Pizzeria opens within 90 days of the leasehold improvement commencement.

​You can expect rigorous and demanding training from Sarpino’s Canada. It includes three weeks of on-the-job training and three weeks of opening assistance with an on-site trainer at your Sarpino’s Pizzeria. We will help you to create a business plan for your store during training. Your business plan is your roadmap, it will show you how the restaurant will achieve the goals set for its success.

​After the restaurant opens we help you with the execution of the business plan, analyze the results, identify any corrective actions needed, and help you implement them. We are there for you from the beginning and we will continue to offer our support throughout the duration of your business journey.

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This is not a franchise offering. The franchise offering is made only through a Franchise Disclosure Document.